wiTHIN at Canzine West


This past weekend, Emily was at Canzine West in Vancouver selling some of her stuff along with the first chapter of wiTHIN. It was a great venue to spread the word about wiTHIN and a lot of copies went into peoples hands. We’re super thankful to everyone who showed up and supported us there!

About wiTHIN

This is a story that gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a young Karen as she reminisces about her journey from childhood to becoming a young woman while struggling with anorexia.  Karen struggles to find herself while dealing with bullying, family, spirituality and learning to live with a mental illness. This story is meant to offer the reader a greater understanding of what it meant for one person to struggle with an eating disorder, in addition to giving perspective of what it was like for her family and friends.  This is a story of desperation, helplessness, grace, and eventually, hope. 

We hope this is a story that can be used to help others who are dealing with something similar in either their own life, or in the life of someone close to them.  

wiTHIN is specifically created as a graphic novel for a variety of reasons.  When struggling with mental health issues, concentration, memory retention and focus are often compromised.  Through the use of illustration, we hope to aid the reader as they journey through the story with ease and potentially greater detail than if they were reading only the words on a page.